Extreme Republicans are threatening abortion access, and electing and reelecting Democrats in November will determine if women can make their own health care decisions.

With Republicans in power, they could impose cruel new laws that would punish women seeking abortions and doctors who provide them.

We have to fight back. In this action center, we share resources and places to direct your attention to help take action and speak out.

Take Action to Support Frontline House Democrats

Take Action to Flip Congressional Districts Red-to-Blue

If you don’t live in one of those states and want to help out nationally, check out these opportunities:

  1. Sign up for a calls or text shift with the DNC’s National Distributed program. HERE. 
  2. As part of our Summer of Service, we are working with coalition partners on different service activities people can do to help out in their local communities. For more information on those, please click here or register to host your own event here.
  3. Become a social ambassador with the DNC so you can share our message in a number of ways! 
    • If you’ve never used Greenfly before, sign up for a training that will be focused on reproductive rights. Sign up here
    • Tell us why protecting reproductive rights is important to you! Make your voice heard — we want to uplift your authentic content on why protecting abortion access is critical for people across this country. https://gf.fan/dems/bansoffourbodies
  4. Join a Friend Bank Training to engage the people in your own life in the fight to defend choice. Sign up here.